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Welcome To DinosaurFacts!

Welcome To DinosaurFacts!

Dinosaurs have captivated the imaginations and dreams of both children and adults alike for about as long as most modern sciences have been around. The idea that a creature so large (or small) once roamed the pre-historic world is a breathtaking idea. Some devote their entire lives to gathering more information on these long lost creatures. From Jurassic Park to The Land Before Time to museums around the world dinosaurs remain in the public eye.

The mystery of the dinosaurs lie in the fact that they were these monstrous creatures that have more or less been wiped from the face of planet. Scientists, and Archaeologists only have the evidence of their remains to piece together what happened to all of them. Dinosaurs have been found on every continent including Antarctica. There are many theories to where they went or what happened to them, which are discussed further in the extinction theories section of the site. But this site is mainly geared towards what we do know about dinosaurs, and also some interesting facts that you might not have known. One interesting fact being that “The exact definition of a dinosaur would include all forms of modern day birds.” These little facts you will be able to find throughout the website.

We’ve taken the information on an assortment of dinosaurs from various sources and simplified and pulled out some important facts, biographies, pictures, and even a few videos. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Wikipedia is an asset to the modern world, but I also believe that it is confusing as can be when it comes to quenching a kids thirst for knowing about pre-historic creatures. This site was made to fill that void, to give kids a viewport into the times when Dinosaurs walked the earth.

This site will give you several recreations as to what we currently believe their lifestyle was like. But due to the vast amount of time that has passed since the last dinosaur has been around these recreations are good guesses at best. The theories of how dinosaurs once lived have changed about as many times as there are Land Before Time movies. But we will attempt to provide you and accurate description of their everyday life, a biography of sorts. So that you can have anatomically correct dreams. Enjoy!