Dinosaur Videos

Although it's very difficult to know for sure what dinosaurs looked like, I've collected a few videos that I feel can expand your mind, and also give you a taste of the lifestyle of certain dinosaurs. This section of the site is devoted to different pre-historic dinosaur videos that I've found along the way. If you discover a video that you think would be beneficial to the website, feel free to either signup and add it yourself, or email an admin. Enjoy yourselves. Cool

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# Article Title Author Hits
# Article Title Author Hits
1 Dinosaur the Movie Trailer DinoInfo 16490
2 Dinosaurs playing tennis DinoInfo 12258
3 Realistic Dinosaur Show DinoInfo 9549
4 The Dinosaur Song DinoInfo 10607
5 The Making of Some Set Dinosaurs DinoInfo 7264
6 The Truth about Dinosaurs DinoInfo 8810
7 Very Realistic Dinosaurs DinoInfo 21258
8 Very Realistic T-Rex DinoInfo 16343
La disparition des dinosaures